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Aviation sportive

Présentation de notre association

AVIASPORT a.s.b.l. is a nonprofit flying association with an approved flight school (Registered Training Facility RTF- JAR) operating at Luxembourg Airport (ELLX) since 1973.

Its mission is to make available to the members a selection of aircrafts at economical rates in order to enjoy a wide range of General Aviation activities :

- training for PPL (private pilot licence),
- safety education,
- flight skills training,
- vacation trips,
- air rallies and Fly-outs.

The association is owned and operated by our members who are dedicated to promote general aviation.

Over the years, our flight school has trained hundreds of pilot students to obtain their private pilot license. Many of those newly rated private pilots decided to continue their instruction and became professional pilots. Others upgraded their training in our flight school and obtained Night VFR rating and/or VFR flight instructor rating.

Our clubhouse is open seven days a week and the management or one of our flight instructors would be pleased to present you to our association whenever you like.

Pourquoi nous rejoindre ?

Nous avons besoin de bénévoles pour nous supporter avec les travaux administratives de notre club.