Fondation Caritas

Tutoring for a child in German and French

Fondation Caritas

Education / Training Social (Health / Solidarity / Integration) Children (3 – 12 years)

Objective of the mission

We are looking for a volunteer to provide tutoring for a refugee child in the 4th year of primary school. This child needs help to learn French and German. The volunteering takes place once or twice a week and is agreed upon according to the availability of the volunteer.

08/03/2023 to 31/12/2023

Regular mission

French German
Remote work
Accessible to PRM
Preferred availability
As required , Daytime during the week

Presentation of the opportunity for volunteering

The LogIS (Housing for Social Inclusion) service of Caritas Luxembourg was created in 2017. This project aims to integrate refugees into our society through three components:

1. Access to housing. Housing is an important factor in integration as it determines the place where the refugee will be able to build his or her social life.
2. Professional integration.
3. Social support so that refugees can participate in the life of their municipality.

Our commitments

  • Volunteer agreement
  • Volunteer insurance
  • Personal assistance

Fondation Caritas

Caritas Luxembourg est une organisation qui agit pour l’inclusion sociale au Luxembourg et dans le monde. Caritas (l’amour du prochain en latin) lie tous les êtres humains et les appelle à l’action chaque fois qu’une personne se trouve dans une situation de détresse. Caritas met en œuvre cet amour du prochain.