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We’re offering our services to photograph children who have passed away at birth, to capture the brief and treasured moments parents are able to share with them, so we can create a lasting memory for all eternity. We're offer handmade clothes, teddy bears, memory boxes and more and we accompany grieving parents.

Présentation de notre association

When a baby is still born, the parents, or the hospital staff will call us to ask our services to photograph the child, with or without the parents to create everlasting memories. Two photographers are currently providing this service.
We also work with Naxi Atelier from Femmes en Détresses, to make unique and handmade clothes, mainly made out of wedding dresses that are donated to us.
This way, it is guaranteed, that every baby, no matter how small or big, is able to have their own clothes to go on their last journey. These clothes start at 15 weeks of pregnancy up to 40 weeks.
Parents are also provided with other items, such as unique Teddy bears, always a set of twins, one is for the baby, one for the parents. All of these are handmade by volunteers.
We visit all parents, after the hospital visit, at their home to hand them the photos on a digital support.
We also provide parents with memory boxes for their children.
These boxes contain the usb stick with photos in a box, stickers, a grieving card with a loving message, the twin teddy bear, a candle, a piece of the fabric the clothes were made of, sometimes dried flowers or other items that were present at the hospital.
Each parents also receive a gift, either flowers or other items that remind of the baby.
Every item is decorated by hand with love, to match the story of the child.
Parents can be in contact with us at any time the desire and we listen to them and help them grieving in the best way we can.
Since 2022 we are also involved in organizing a Grieving Ceremony at the CHDN hospital, where parents can remember their little ones.
We also try to educate the general public as much as possible on this topic often not talked about, so that there can be a better understanding around the topic of stillbirth and grief. Newspaper articles and radio interviews are done regularly as well as presentations at events.
We are committed to break the tabu around this very important and sensitive topic and end the painful reality of parents having to suffer and grief in silence.
We always try to better and expand our services to be able to create the most precious memories for the parents.