Useful links and contacts

Creating and managing a non-profit organisation

  • Trade and Companies Register (RCS)

    Registration, modification / deletion of an asbl, filing of the list of members and the annual accounts of the asbl (under certain conditions).

  • Criminal liability of legal entities

    Law of 3 March 2010


    Information from the Ministry of Justice dedicated to ASBLs and foundations.

Become a volunteer

Valuing my commitment

  • Request a certificate of commitment

    The certificate of commitment, issued by the National Youth Service (SNJ) and signed by the minister responsible for youth, is a document that attests to the skills acquired by the young person during his or her commitment as a volunteer.

  • Applying for validation of acquired experience (VAE)

    The aim of the validation of acquired experience (VAE) is to make use of an individual's professional or extra-professional experience in order to enable him or her to demonstrate the skills he or she has acquired throughout life.

Integration and living together in Luxembourg

  • European Integration Portal EWSI

    Information on what's happening with EU integration.


    Website in 5 languages on access to rights in Luxembourg.

  • Portail vum Zesummeliewen

    Website dedicated to intercultural living together in Luxembourg. Whether you are a Luxembourger, a non-Luxembourger or a cross-border commuter, the Portal vum Zesummeliewen of the Ministry for the Family, Solidarity, Living Together and Reception offers resources for active participation in everyday life in Luxembourg.

  • Ronnen Desch

    News from Luxembourg on living together, migration and asylum.

  • Website "Zesummeliewen an ärer Gemeng" on intercultural living together in local communities

    This website highlights flagship projects promoting intercultural living-together, provides useful information on the “Pakt vum Zesummeliewen” and highlights opportunities for networking and exchanging best practices in intercultural living-together at the local level.