Reinforce, retain and value your volunteers

The Agence du Bénévolat facilitates the connection between your organisation and volunteers and assists you in improving the visibility, readability and impact of your announcements to their network. We also inform and train you on volunteer management and on the creation, management and operation of a public utility organisation.

Why should you register?

Be visible to the public

Present your organisation
Offer your volunteering opportunities
Share your news
Benefit from our campaigns in the media and social networks.

Make it easier to manage your volunteers

Receive offers of help from volunteers
Manage online applications
Receive advice on volunteer management
Stay informed about upcoming events

We support you

Equipping you

We offer information sessions on the creation and governance of an organisation as well as free legal advice to support your organisation's project. Coaching can be provided on request to help you manage your voluntary work.

Surrounding yourself

During the meetings we organise, exchange and sharing are encouraged. We put you in touch with our network of volunteers, organisations and partners so that you can raise awareness of your cause and find new allies.

Making the most of your action

Within the framework of the "VOLUNTEERING" Quality Label, we support organisations wishing to commit to a process of excellence with a view to offering a high quality welcome and support to their volunteers and to promoting civic commitment.

Develop your organisation's project thanks to the "BENEVOLAT" quality label

The aim of the "VOLUNTEER" quality label is to provide a framework for volunteering and to contribute to the acquisition and retention of volunteers.

High level of welcome and support for volunteers
Distinction of the organisation among volunteers
Development of the commitment and the organisation

Upcoming training courses and events

L'Agence du Bénévolat propose aux associations des consultations juridiques individuelles pour mieux répondre à leurs besoins spécifiques. Elles sont dispensées par notre juriste sur rendez-vous uniquement et contre une contribution sur la base d'un forfait fixé à 100 euros/par heure.


More support from the Agence du Bénévolat

Creation and management of a non-profit organisation

How to create and manage a non-profit organisation?

What are the formalities relating to the organisation of the General Assembly and the Board of Directors?

What is the responsibility of the members?

Volunteer management

How do you define the volunteer profiles you need?

How do you look for volunteers? How do you integrate them and then lead them?

How to give them recognition?

Our news

Informatiounsversammlunge zum neien ASBL-Gesetz

Education / Training Adults Organisations

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Living together All audiences Organisations

Discover the latest developments of the platform to strengthen the search and management of volunteers for associations.

The Agence du Bénévolat, with the support of the Ministère de la Famille et de l'Intégration, is pleased to be renewing its multilingual campaign to raise awareness of volunteering, "Schenk deng Zäit / Donne ton temps / Give your time / Schenk deine Zeit", from mid-November to mid-December.