Voluntary work in Luxembourg

Volunteering is about giving the time you want (a little, a lot or passionately) to support an opportunity and help others. It's also about having fun, meeting people with the same values or commonalities, sharing good times and doing something you enjoy based on your interests and the opportunities you care about.

Our new missions

Volunteers accompany refugees to the Grand Théâtre

Mir wëllen Iech ons Heemecht weisen asbl
Culture Living together Leisure Young people (18 - 30 years) Adults Refugees and displaced persons

Meet us at 7pm for a cultural visit to the Grand Théâtre. Once a month, we take a group of refugees to the theater to familiarize them with Luxembourg's cultural customs, help them get around on public transport and enable them to meet other Luxembourgers.

Volunteers to accompany refugees at Mudam

Mir wëllen Iech ons Heemecht weisen asbl
Social (Health / Solidarity / Integration) Living together Leisure Young people (18 - 30 years) Adults Refugees and displaced persons

Ons Heemecht and Mudam are organizing a creative workshop to print greetings cards using Risographie, an ecological and vividly colored printing technique. Join us at 10 a.m. at Mudam to meet newcomers during a creative activity and chat with them.

Culture Social (Health / Solidarity / Integration) Living together All audiences

Rosa Lëtzebuerg and the Rainbow Center are looking for motivated volunteers who want to help creating social events (social gatherings, special events and concrete actions regarding important queer dates/events). From small to big, all is possible!

Culture Social (Health / Solidarity / Integration) Leisure Young people (18 - 30 years) Adults Refugees and displaced persons

We're looking for volunteers to accompany a family or small group of refugees on a cultural outing (concert, dance, theatre, etc.) to the Centre des Arts Pluriels in Ettelbruck. The main aim is to create real contact between local residents and refugees and promote integration.

Culture Sports and leisure Young people (18 - 30 years) Adults Refugees and displaced persons

Join a family or small group of refugees on a fun outing to the Christmas market in Luxembourg City. Join us and meet people from other backgrounds, while enjoying a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.

Volunteer first-aiders at an event

Benevolle Premiers Secours Team Luxembourg
Health Relief Young people (18 - 30 years) Adults Urgent

First aid at a major event with professional first aiders

Finding my field of action

News on volunteering

The Agence du Bénévolat, with the support of the Ministère de la Famille et de l'Intégration, is pleased to be renewing its multilingual campaign to raise awareness of volunteering, "Schenk deng Zäit / Donne ton temps / Give your time / Schenk deine Zeit", from mid-November to mid-December.

Reception and legal advice point for associations

Living together All audiences Organisations

The Agence du Bénévolat offers free training courses for organisations on setting up and running a non-profit organisation, and is extending its individual legal advice service to better meet the specific needs of people working in the field.

We support you

Opening up

The world of organisations is full of opportunities and activities. During our individual volunteer consultations, we help you to find a volunteer position that suits you according to your interests, your talents and your availability.


Training courses can be offered on request to introduce you to volunteering or to facilitate your volunteering through the development of soft-skills, particularly in the context of helping particularly vulnerable groups.


What is volunteering? How can you become a volunteer and make the most of your experience? We answer all your questions by email or during our phone sessions and share information and news related to the organisation.

Even more support from the Agence du Bénévolat

Information on volunteering

What is volunteering? How does it differ from volunteering?

Why and how to become a volunteer? Are there any specific leaves of absence to get involved?

What are the elements to consider in order to be a successful volunteer? Is there any training for volunteers?

Valuing volunteer commitment

You have acquired knowledge and know-how through your voluntary activities.

How can you have your skills and commitment officially recognised?

What are the different ways to have your voluntary commitment recognised?