Voluntary work in Luxembourg

Volunteering is about giving the time you want (a little, a lot or passionately) to support an opportunity and help others. It's also about having fun, meeting people with the same values or commonalities, sharing good times and doing something you enjoy based on your interests and the opportunities you care about.

Our new missions

Culture Environment Leisure All audiences Young people (18 - 30 years) Persons with disabilities

Join the Franco'family for a weekend or a week to experience a great music festival from the inside! Good humour is the order of the day, between the public, the teams and the artists. The volunteers make the festival possible and shape it in their own image!

Animals All audiences

We're looking for people to help look after and feed our small rodents over the holiday period.

Environment Social (Health / Solidarity / Integration) Leisure Children (3 – 12 years) Refugees and displaced persons

Komm mat an d'Natur offers socially disadvantaged children, young people and families outdoor recreational activities to enable them to socialise and have new experiences in nature, thus promoting their well-being and social integration.

A do-it-yourself volunteer

Leisure All audiences Urgent

The "do-it-yourself" volunteers carry out a wide variety of DIY tasks: dismantling and assembling shelves, hanging paintings, installing a television and a webcam, moving furniture, installing power outlets, sorting boxes, taking waste to the recycling center, repairing cabinets, etc.

Administrative Volunteer

Living together All audiences Adults

You will be responsible for the management, filing, physical and digital archiving of documents; Assist the fundraising assistant in the administrative procedures for the constitution and follow-up of members' files; Prepare and send parcels in connection with our online store.


Croix-Rouge Luxembourgeoise
Social (Health / Solidarity / Integration) Living together Leisure All audiences Urgent

Why a "Buddy-Programm"? - Betzdorf is an interculturell community - new inhabitants encounter various barriers - the first step into a local association or another offer is not that easy when you are alone and new in a community - information is often hard to find


Finding my field of action

News on volunteering is evolving!

Living together All audiences Organisations

Discover the latest developments of the platform to strengthen the search and management of volunteers for associations.

The Agence du Bénévolat, with the support of the Ministère de la Famille et de l'Intégration, is pleased to be renewing its multilingual campaign to raise awareness of volunteering, "Schenk deng Zäit / Donne ton temps / Give your time / Schenk deine Zeit", from mid-November to mid-December.

We support you

Opening up

The world of organisations is full of opportunities and activities. During our individual volunteer consultations, we help you to find a volunteer position that suits you according to your interests, your talents and your availability.


Training courses can be offered on request to introduce you to volunteering or to facilitate your volunteering through the development of soft-skills, particularly in the context of helping particularly vulnerable groups.


What is volunteering? How can you become a volunteer and make the most of your experience? We answer all your questions by email or during our phone sessions and share information and news related to the organisation.

Even more support from the Agence du Bénévolat

Information on volunteering

What is volunteering? How does it differ from volunteering?

Why and how to become a volunteer? Are there any specific leaves of absence to get involved?

What are the elements to consider in order to be a successful volunteer? Is there any training for volunteers?

Valuing volunteer commitment

You have acquired knowledge and know-how through your voluntary activities.

How can you have your skills and commitment officially recognised?

What are the different ways to have your voluntary commitment recognised?