Fit Réiser asbl

Fit Réiser asbl

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+352 36 92 32 2901 | 40 Grand-Rue , 3394 Roeser


The organisation of the "Geeschterlaf" running event on the 21 october, aimed at people of all ages, to promote physical activity.

Presentation of our organisation

In order to promote physical activity in Roeser, the "Fit Réiser" non-profit association was set up. "Fit Réiser" was formed in November 2006. It brings together planners and players in the field, politicians and people who promote the ideal of a healthy and dynamic society.
Together with the local authority, "Fit Réiser" organises a range of events and aims to create a climate in the community that is conducive to healthy, active lifestyles for the entire population.
The main objectives of "Fit Réiser" are to
Remedy the growing lack of movement and physical activity in our society, especially among young people and adolescents
To work against unhealthy eating habits that have gradually become established in the population, particularly among young people and adolescents
Halt the pronounced trend towards an increase in overweight and obesity affecting the population in general, and children and young people in particular
Prevent diseases caused by the above factors