Girls in Tech Luxembourg (GIT LUX)

Girls in Tech Luxembourg (GIT LUX)

Education / Training Social (Health / Solidarity / Integration) Teenagers (12 - 18 years) Young people (18 - 30 years) Adults

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Girls in Tech Luxembourg aims to eliminate the gap in tech by offering education, personal development workshops, boot camps, and events so that girls and women can confidently take part in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics field.

Presentation of our organisation

Girls in Tech (GIT) was founded in 2007, and is a nonprofit organization dedicated to eliminating the gender gap in tech. We work as a global network and currently have more than 60,000 members split in 50+ chapters around the world. A chapter is a local representation of the organization - we have a global branding, guidelines and suggested organizational structure, but we act locally, working on the regional issues.
Our GIT LUX chapter journey started in June 2022, and we aim to empower and support women (from little girls to experienced professionals) in the technology and innovation sectors in Luxembourg, by focusing on creating opportunities for them to develop their skills, pursue careers in technology, and foster a more inclusive and diverse tech industry.