Kilogram S.I.S.

Kilogram S.I.S.

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+352 691 322 662 | 75 Route d'Arlon (Capellen) , 8311 Steinfort


Kilogram is a Social Impact Company that aims to reconnect local producers and consumers. Its mission is to facilitate access to healthier and more responsible food, and to raise awareness of the "zero waste" lifestyle.

Presentation of our organisation

Kilogram is THE solution for consuming local and reducing waste. You can order from your couch, receive your groceries to your home, divide by 4 the number of times you have to take out the bin in the Luxembourg rain and have shelves worthy of Pinterest. For all products available in bulk, we take care of the repackaging in returnable jars. These reusable containers will be carefully washed on their return and put back into the circuit.

With this project we want to drastically reduce waste and plastic use, and the CO2 emissions caused by the transport of goods that households buy every week.

As a volunteer at Kilogram S.I.S., you are taking part in a grassroots transition initiative with an immediate impact on the planet!