Lëtzebuerger Rousefrënn asbl (LRF)

Lëtzebuerger Rousefrënn asbl (LRF)

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The "Roseraie Château de Munsbach" was created in 2017 by the association of Friends of the Rose "Lëtzebuerger Rousefrënn", in the grounds of the Château de Munsbach. Around 800 plants old and new varieties of Luxembourg roses are planted there, with the aim of preserving the country's rose heritage. Maintenance is carried out on a voluntary basis.

Presentation of our organisation

The Luxembourg Rose Society, member of the “World Federation of Rose Societies”, aims to promote the different varieties of roses the garden has to offer.
It is in charge of the baptisms of new roses as well as the rediscovering of the Luxemburgish rose heritage.
For our members, we organise parties in the "Roseraie Château de Munsbach", rose trips abroad, visits around the theme of the rose and other activities. We publish the magazine "Lëtzebuerger Rousenzeitung".