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Omega 90

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Omega 90 is an association for the promotion of palliative care and bereavement support. The association is providing support when confronted with illness, death and bereavement. When life comes to an end, Omega 90 offers companionship and aims to preserve a high quality of life- for the seriously ill person, as well as to their relatives.

Presentation of our organisation

Omega 90 asbl wants to raise awareness for the topics of illness, end of life, death and bereavement through four main offers:
• Haus Omega, a palliative care center with 15 single rooms that welcomes and treats terminally ill patients with their special needs at the end of life.
• A voluntary unit, with more than 100 volunteers, who support those suffering from an incurable illness and their relatives in hospital, in a care home, at the patient’s home or at Haus Omega. Any adult may submit an application for the volunteer training (165 hours over a period of one year) that enhances the provision of voluntary support in palliative care.
• A counselling unit, that offers psychotherapeutic intervention and support to the bereaved and to seriously ill persons. There is also a specific advice to children and young people, called “Kanner- an Jugendservice”.
• A training unit that holds training sessions in palliative care since 1993 for professionals working in the health and psycho-socio-educational sectors.

Omega 90’s services are funded by agreements with the Ministry for Families and the Caisse Nationale de la Santé, by subsidies from the Ministry of Health, from the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth and by donations from individuals and various associations.