Pickitup Luxembourg ASBL (Pickitup)

Pickitup Luxembourg ASBL (Pickitup)

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Bring together as many citizens as possible willing to get involved in protecting the planet. Implement means to achieve a significant reduction in littering in public spaces, resulting in an improvement in living together with respect for others and our environment.

Presentation of our organisation

Public cleanliness is a complex societal issue, which requires the involvement and collaboration of everyone, at all levels. We invite citizens to share our approach by directly confronting them with the phenomenon of Littering. The experience aims to change bad behavior and encourage virtuous action.

Picking up waste is good, prevention is better!
To raise awareness among as many people as possible and fight against pollution, we organize workshops in schools and with businesses. These workshops aim to raise citizens' awareness, to address the subject upstream so as to no longer have to carry out collections in the future.

COLLECT! (pick-up, from to pick up)
The organization of educational waste collection actions is the main activity of the association. CLEANUP and PLOGGING are collective actions that bring citizens together for a friendly moment around a common cause.