Sichhë - Mënsch & Déier (Sichhë

Sichhë - Mënsch & Déier (Sichhë

Animals Relief All audiences

+352 28 99 73 79 | 5 montée du château , 5816


The search for missing persons and/or animals with the help of our human-dog teams trained in man- and pettrailing.

Presentation of our organisation

Sichhë is a non-profit association whose members are trained with their dogs in the field of searching for people and animals, the so-called man- and pettrailing. Through years of experience and training, regular training and a well-stocked and constantly expanding equipment, we offer quality help to find missing persons and/or animals. This service is free of charge and the expansion and maintenance of the equipment is done exclusively through donations.
The service includes:
- Person search / Mantrailing: the search for a missing person based on their individual scent.
- Animal search / pet trailing:
Advice and assistance by telephone and/or on site
Pettrailing: the search for a missing animal on the basis of its individual scent
Assistance and installation of various equipment to secure animals
- Prevention:
Lecture: Animal missing! What now?
Sale of odour-proofing sets for preserving the individual odour