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Culture Environment Leisure All audiences Young people (18 - 30 years) Persons with disabilities

Join the Franco'family for a weekend or a week to experience a great music festival from the inside! Good humour is the order of the day, between the public, the teams and the artists. The volunteers make the festival possible and shape it in their own image!

Humanitarian help All audiences

Être présent sur le stand mis en place par Cactus aux heures d’ouverture Les plages de présence se font par 2 heures de présence minimum. Déposer les sous-vêtements donnés par les clients dans des caisses Ces sous-vêtements seront remis gratuitement aux plus démunis.

Humanitarian help Social (Health / Solidarity / Integration) Living together All audiences

Be present on the stand set up by Cactus during opening hours. You must be present for at least 2 hours. Deposit the underwear donated by customers in crates/pallets. Explain to donors what the collection will be used for.

Volunteer psychologists

Médecins du Monde Luxembourg
Humanitarian help Health Social (Health / Solidarity / Integration) Disadvantaged people

Médecins du Monde is an international medical development organisation, providing medical care to vulnerable people in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and around the world, promoting access and the right to health. Médecins du Monde in Luxembourg is a non-profit organisation, recognised as being of public utility in February 2019.

Humanitarian help Health Social (Health / Solidarity / Integration) Disadvantaged people

Médecins du Monde Luxembourg is currently looking to strengthen its team of volunteer receptionists. The volunteer receptionist will be responsible for receiving patients during medical and social consultations at its Centres d'Accueil, Soins et Orientation (CASO) in Esch-sur-Alzette and Luxembourg-Bonnevoie.

Education / Training All audiences Urgent

Dans le cadre de notre activité, nous sommes amenés à donner des ateliers de créations de produits d'hygiène naturels dans les foyers scolaires, associations, écoles, communes, ect. Nous avons toujours besoin d'aide pour le bon déroulé des séances.

Attendance at events

Aurel Ivoire S.I.S
Social (Health / Solidarity / Integration) All audiences

From time to time, we are invited to take part in local markets, designer markets and so on. We're always looking for volunteers to help out.

Social (Health / Solidarity / Integration) Living together Leisure Children (3 – 12 years)

TANDEM is a mentoring programme that pairs a child aged 8 to 10 with an adult mentor. During one year and over the course of 21 meetings, the tandem thus formed shares extracurricular activities of all kinds. This adventure allows the participants to discover new passions and new horizons.

Education / Training Adults Urgent

We're looking for volunteers to help adults (men and women) learn French and Lëtzebuergesch. They are residents of a refugee hostel in Esch-Neudorf. Hours to be agreed.