"Each of the volunteers recruited on the benevolat.lu platform has enriched the Foundation with their skills and, above all, their commitment to a good cause".

Published on 14/02/2024

For over 34 years, the Fondatioun Kriibskrank Kanner has been providing day-to-day support for the families of children with cancer. Lydie Lenz tells us how she uses the benevolat.lu platform to find volunteers to help support the cause.

Lydie Lenz, Administrative and Fundraising Coordinator, Fondatioun Kriibskrank Kanner.

How did you hear about our benevolat.lu platform?

The Foundation found out about your website. You were kind enough to receive us in your offices to provide us with the explanations and answers we needed to set up cooperation via this platform. The Foundation is very grateful for this cooperation.

 2.       Was it easy to register your association and create your mission(s)?

Registering on the platform is extremely easy thanks to its clarity and simplicity. It offers a multitude of possibilities and diversity for creating missions. The ability to propose several missions in the same place has enabled the Foundation to solicit different volunteer missions by providing all the essential information to potential volunteers. The different assignment options give volunteers the opportunity to make their choice directly.

 3.       Have you received offers of help from volunteers, and have they met your expectations in terms of commitment and skills?

The Foundation has succeeded in raising awareness of volunteering among a wide audience. The volunteers who came forward via the platform were people with specific skills. Each of them enriched the Foundation with their skills and, above all, their commitment to a good cause. Recruiting volunteers gave us the skills and diversity we needed to strengthen our team.

4. Has our platform simplified the management of your volunteers?

Absolutely, because we can respond immediately via the platform. We have a grouping of requests, which gives us a better overview of new requests. Managing information is much easier. A volunteer who applies can send his or her motivations and information directly to the NGO. Thanks to this information, we can respond more effectively to the volunteer and make appointments.

 5.       Would you recommend our platform? For what reason(s)?

The platform is absolutely recommendable. The Foundation has attracted a large audience and succeeded in increasing the visibility of volunteering opportunities. It makes it easier for potential volunteers to apply and enables much more efficient management of volunteers within the organisation. Thanks to the platform, you are able to create a community of volunteers, and within this framework, a volunteer who wishes to get involved and offer his or her time will have the chance to find among all the associations and organisations those that are suitable for him or her. In this way, you can bring together a community of committed and interested volunteers who are offering their time for a good cause. 

Let's not forget that without volunteers, we wouldn't be able to respond to as many requests as we currently do.