International Women's Day: 4 organisations working for women's rights

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Published on 08/03/2023 by Agence du Bénévolat

On the occasion of International Women's Day (8 March), we have selected 4 organisations that contribute to improving women's conditions in Luxembourg and worldwide.

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Lëtz Rise Up: improving the lives of women suffering from discrimination

Lëtz Rise Up is a feminist and anti-racist organisation founded in October 2019, whose mission is to fight against all forms of exclusion, including those related to gender, race, religion, sexual orientation and disability. It carries out its actions through the organisation of training, conferences and artistic events. The organisation is particularly interested in promoting the well-being of women who may be subject to cross-discrimination.

L'Œuvre pour la Protection de la Vie Naissante asbl: preventing abortion and helping women out of distress

The aim of the Œuvre pour la Protection de la Vie Naissante asbl is to ensure that the specific value of all human life from the moment of conception is respected. Consequently, it aims to promote all appropriate medical, educational and social measures to eliminate the root causes of abortion, and in particular, to organise and support counselling, reception and mutual aid services to this end.

Malagasy Women Empowerment A.S.B.L.: improving the conditions and representation of Malagasy women in society

Malagasy Women Empowerment A.S.B.L. aims to fight for the improvement of the conditions and representations of Malagasy women in society. It develops physical, psychological and financial support projects and strengthens the voice of women in Malagasy society by spreading an open and inclusive word.

Fondation Luxembourg-El Salvador: a shelter for women in distress

The mission of the Fondation Luxembourg-El Salvador shelter is to provide for the most urgent needs of the beneficiaries and their children, to help them overcome crises, to accompany them in a process of improving their self-confidence, and to develop their capacity to work so that in the near future they can find a job and provide for themselves. The shelter also welcomes women who are victims of domestic violence.

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