The Agence du Bénévolat celebrates voluntary work in associations on Volunteer Day on 5 December

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Published on 01/12/2023 by Agence du Bénévolat

In the run-up to World Volunteer Day, the Agence du Bénévolat is pleased to announce that it will be holding a Volunteer Day on 5 December at the "Am Sand - Loisi" Centre in Niederanven.

This event, organised in honour of dedicated volunteers and mobilised associations, promises to be an inspiring celebration of commitment with, this year, a reinforced commitment to combating loneliness among the elderly.

  • Presentation of the BÉNÉVOLAT Quality Labels

On this day, the Agence du Bénévolat will be awarding the prestigious BÉNÉVOLAT Quality Labels to associations that stand out for their commitment to offering quality volunteering experiences. These labels bear witness to the ongoing efforts of organisations to ensure meaningful and rewarding volunteering, thereby helping to support and make volunteering more attractive.

  • Presentation of the Prix du Mérite du Bénévolat

The Agency will also have the honour of presenting the Prix du Mérite du Bénévolat 2023 to an exemplary volunteer. This national award will be presented in recognition of the exceptional dedication of this volunteer, who is actively involved in "combating loneliness among the elderly", the theme of the 2023 Award and a major social issue.

The Prize is intended to be symbolic, honouring a volunteer who represents all those involved in the sector of activity defined for the current year. More than just a contribution, the Award highlights the real impact of volunteer involvement on the lives of vulnerable people.

  • Presentation of the conclusions of Assises du Bénévolat 2023

The event will also be marked by the presentation of the conclusions of the Assises du Bénévolat, which took place on 29 June. These Conferences, which focused on the fight against loneliness among the elderly, brought together committed players and innovative ideas. The conclusions will be shared with a view to creating a concerted action plan to tackle this major societal challenge.

Volunteer Day on 5 December promises to be a convivial occasion, celebrating not only past achievements but also laying the foundations for a future where commitment and solidarity will continue to flourish. This event is by invitation only.

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Agence du Bénévolat

Since 2002, the Agence du Bénévolat's mission has been to promote and develop volunteering in Luxembourg among organisations that call on volunteers, the general public and the public authorities.

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