Assistance and resources


Volunteer opportunities

How to recruit new volunteers:

  • Personal contact remains the most effective way to recruit volunteers.
  • Distribution of leaflets with a detailed description of the tasks for which the association would like to recruit volunteers at key locations (municipalities, institutions, etc.)
  • Placing an attractive offer of volunteer work in the local and/or national press, on the internet, can also attract people looking for volunteer work.
  • Organising information meetings for potential volunteers and seeking new volunteers through information stands is another possibility.
  • Presenting the offer of voluntary activity with a precise job description to the Volunteer Agency.

Once people have been contacted who are looking for a volunteer activity, it is important to choose the right person(s) for the association. Indeed, knowing how to place a volunteer in the right place is beneficial for both the group and the volunteer.

Normally a first contact is made by telephone. This is an opportunity to exchange initial information and to send the interested person an information brochure for volunteers.