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Charter of Volunteers

In its diversity and its capacity to respond to the needs of society, the organisation sector is a fundamental player in the development, innovation and cohesion of society. It contributes to the construction of a framework of citizenship and freedom that allows volunteers to develop, acquire skills and evolve in respect of others.

This charter was created to provide a common operating framework for all organisations and volunteers in Luxembourg.

It is based on common values: solidarity, citizenship and respect for others.

The charter constitutes the basis for genuine recognition:

  • for the organisation, it enables it to optimise its management tools and contributes to a quality approach
  • for the volunteer, it formalises his/her experience and commitment

Definition and fundamental principles of volunteering

  • Volunteering is the free and gratuitous commitment of people who act, for others or for the collective interest, in a structure that goes beyond simple family or friendly mutual aid.
  • A volunteer is someone who commits himself or herself, of his or her own free will, without receiving remuneration in the monetary sense of the term, to an action in the service of a third party or the community. In addition to the costs incurred in the course of voluntary work, compensation may be paid, provided it is purely symbolic.
  • Voluntary work plays an important role in civil society and is complementary to, and not in competition with, paid work.

The fundamental principles are

  • Volunteering is a voluntary choice based on personal motivations and options.
  • Volunteering must be accessible to everyone, regardless of gender, age, nationality, race, philosophical or religious views, physical, social or material condition.
  • Volunteering is carried out in an ethical and humanitarian way, respecting human dignity, freedom and equality (1) , as well as the principle of non-discrimination (2) .
  • Volunteering is attentive to the needs of society and stimulates the participation of the community to meet them.
  • Volunteering promotes initiative, creativity and responsibility as well as integration and social participation.

By signing this charter, the organisation "Name of the organisation" undertakes to:

  • Respect the legal framework in force
  • Define its purpose and objectives, ensure that they are achieved and provide clear and transparent information on the way the association operates the organisation's operating procedures
  • Ensure responsible and sustainable management of its resources and infrastructure
  • Consider the organisation's purpose as central to its activities
  • To welcome and consider the volunteer as a full collaborator and to consider him/her as an essential actor of the organisation
  • Define the missions, responsibilities and activities of each volunteer according to his/her abilities, availability and motivation
  • To ensure the integration of the volunteer, to support him/her throughout his/her career within the organisation and to value their commitment

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