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Setting up a non-profit association

  • Step 1: At least two people get together to carry out joint activities, to achieve a common goal or to defend a cause. To this end, they decide to create a structure called a non-profit association ("association"). The association is "not for profit" because its activities cannot be aimed at providing its members with material gain.

  • Step 2: The same people, known as the founding members, draw up and adopt the text of the articles of association - known as the "constitutive act" at this stage

    - which set out the association's operating rules.

  • Step 3: The founding members hold a general meeting to elect the people who will sit on the association's board of directors. These are the members of the board of directors or administrators. If the association has only two founder members, it may have only two directors. As soon as the association has three or more members, there must be at least three directors.
  • Step 4: The directors appoint a chairman, secretary and treasurer from among their number and, if necessary, determine the allocation of other tasks required for the Board to function properly.
  • Step 5: The Board of Directors now has the information and powers it needs to complete the formalities for registering the association and filing its Articles of Association with the Registre de Commerce et des Sociétés.

The association is now duly constituted as a civil entity and can claim to be a legal person with its own existence and an autonomous legal personality, distinct from those of its members. It can therefore act by its own means, represented by one or more of its directors as decided by them.

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The Agence du Bénévolat offers a training course on "Creating and managing a non-profit organisation" which will enable you to acquire the necessary knowledge to create and manage an organisation. You will learn the legal bases and understand the role of the different actors (members, GA, CA, executive committee...), the rules of governance, etc.

During this training, you will be able to ask our lawyer questions specific to your project.

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