Assistance and resources


First interview with the new volunteer

The first interview with a person interested in volunteering in the association is very important. Some points to observe :

Presentation of objectives and tasks

  • Discuss the objectives of the organisation
  • Insist on the expectations of the organisation
  • Try to be very clear about the expectations and demands of future volunteers

General information to be given to volunteers

Inform volunteers about the activities that are covered by the association's insurance, but also mention those that are not.

Discuss with the future volunteer the conditions under which real and justified expenses incurred by the latter can be reimbursed (parking, travel, etc.)

Relationship between employees and volunteers
Clearly define the roles and tasks of employees and volunteers and inform the volunteers.

Observations to be made during the first interview
The observations below are intended to check whether the needs and expectations of the association's management can be reconciled with the needs and expectations of the volunteers. If there is any doubt, do not hesitate to ask a volunteer to come back several times.

The personality of the future volunteer (manner of speaking, behaviour, ability to listen, etc.)

  • Why the person seeking a volunteer activity wants to join our association / his or her self-evaluation; the experiences he or she has had in the field in which he or she wants to get involved.
  • Does the future volunteer have the necessary time?
  • Is he/she willing to respect the formal or informal contract with the association?
  • Has the volunteer understood what is expected of him/her?
  • What is the person's character (not complicated-complicated)? On what signs do I base these observations?
  • What was the atmosphere like (trust, mistrust)?
  • Were there any misunderstandings?

Does the future volunteer have :

  • physical and mental stamina
  • communication skills
  • conflict management skills
  • ability to work in a team
  • ability to help develop the project.

The volunteer sheet
Draw up a sheet for each volunteer and note down the important information. Have the person concerned sign the form (data protection law).

It is important to screen volunteers with particular sensitivity and to inform them of the decision that has been taken and the reasons for it.

For the successful candidates, it is important to ensure their day-to-day supervision and to create an inspiring climate for the new volunteers and the existing team. During the interview, a trial period can be agreed upon, with a follow-up interview at the end of this period.

Volunteers and the organisations they work with are advised to set out their expectations and requirements in writing, even for short-term tasks, and to discuss the possible extension of their work on a regular basis. The type, scope and duration of the engagement are agreed upon.