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Drafting the statutes

The articles of association (see model in French in the download section), may be drawn up by a notary or privately (between the founders in a simple deed, which will be registered) and must contain :

  • denomination (name) and registered office (only the municipality in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in which the association's registered office is located must be indicated),
  • the purpose of the association, and the activities it proposes to carry out to achieve that purpose. These activities must have real substance in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg,
  • the minimum number of partners (not less than two),
  • the surnames, first names, occupations and residences of the partners; if the partners are legal entities (companies or other associations), the registration number in the Trade and Companies Register must also be given,
  • the conditions governing the entry and exit of members (how to become a member, when membership is lost: resignation, expulsion, etc.),
  • the method of appointment and powers of directors,
  • the maximum rate of contributions or payments to be made by members of the Association,
  • the destination of assets (cash, property, etc.) in the event of dissolution of the association.

Services of Agence du Bénévolat

The Agence du Bénévolat offers a training course on "Creating and managing a non-profit organisation" which will enable you to acquire the necessary knowledge to create and manage an organisation. You will learn the legal bases and understand the role of the different actors (members, GA, CA, executive committee...), the rules of governance, etc.

During this training, you will be able to ask our lawyer questions specific to your project.

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Good to know

A model statute in French for a non-profit organisation is available in the "Documentation" section of the Resource Centre (link "Brochures and model documents") and can serve as a reference text for drafting your own statutes.